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                    The company taking efforts to enter other business areas such as real estate, finance, logistics, and agriculture,
                    resource so as to realize the cross-region integration and development.

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                    Planning by National Famous Experts
                    Topmarketing & Brand Consulting Co., Ltd. — the most popular consulting company of China was invited to undertake all-process marketing planning and comprehensively solve problems concerning the integrated marketing and promotion and the product marketing of dealers.
                    Professional Marketing Team
                    We will form an elite marketing team that will provide complete consultancy services for dealers at each region in the mode of one-to-one guidance, including marketing solutions and professional support for all-process marketing track service.
                    Great Partner of Dealers
                    As the old saying goes that “To delegate persons to fish than to give them fish.” Guoqiang and TMB will offer marketing training tour for dealer teams in the key markets, so as to improve their business quality and marketing management level, just like giving dealers a golden key for market maintenance.