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                    The company taking efforts to enter other business areas such as real estate, finance, logistics, and agriculture,
                    resource so as to realize the cross-region integration and development.

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                    1. The philosophy of human resources
                    The tasks of attracting, retaining, assessing, and training talents and other human resources are not just the job of the human resources management, but also the responsibility of every manager. Every senior manager of Guoqiang has the responsibility to train and recommend qualified successors. We believe that a manager who cannot cultivate his/her subordinates to become a qualified successor will not have good opportunities for career development. It is not enough to simply make yourself outstanding; instead, we must also cultivate better successor to your own position.

                    2. Personnel selection
                    We seek like-minded, responsible, diligent, pragmatic, learning oriented talents; we advocate the competition mechanism of talent introduction and evaluation in which talents are evaluated not only based on credentials but also through competitions. “Fair, just and open” should be a guideline for personnel selection. For the selection of senior cadres, we stressed both ability and virtue, and give priority to virtue; for the selection of grassroots cadres and professionals, we emphasize ability, while taking into consideration their virtues.

                    3. The use of personnel
                    We advocate the concept of giving play to peoples long points. No gold is sheerly pure, and nobody is utterly perfect. We strive to give play to the strong points of employees, rather than demanding perfection, so that each person can fully exert their expertise.